Water detector

Water detector (WD)


Water detection in the fuel tanks.

Main technical characteristics:

  • Level of the water detection in a tank - from 6 mm from tank's bottom (depends from definite application);
  • Error of the "Water" signal conditioning is no more than +2.0 mm;
  • Sensor resistance:
    • 10 MOm in fuel and air;
    • 50 KOm in water;
  • MTBF is no less than 500'000 hours;
  • Automatic testing capability of sensor integrity with communications wires;
  • It is satisfied the requirements of item 9.4.1b DO-160D and circular AC25-981 in explosion safety;
  • Peak current through the sensor is no more than 10 mA when any failure.

Application in the aircrafts:

  • SUCHOI SuperJet 100