Fire protection system for trunk aircraft

Fire protection system for МC-21 aircraft (FPS-МC-21)


Fire detection in main engine, cargo compartments, lavatories and fire extinguishing inside main engine, APU, cargo compartment, lavatories, cabin and flight deck.


  • Fire warning system for main engine, cargo compartments and lavatories:
    • Linear fire/overheat detectors in main engine and APU;
    • Smoke detectors in cargo compartment and lavatories;
  • Fire extinguishing system for main engine, APU, cargo compartment, lavatories, cabin and flight deck:
    • Stationary fire extinguishers for main engine, APU and cargo compartment (borrow);
    • Automatic fire extinguishers for lavatory waste containers (borrow);
    • Portable FE to protect cabin and flight deck (borrow);
    • Check tees and metering valves (borrow);
    • Nozzles;
  • Monitoring and control system (monitoring and control unit UKK type).

Main technical characteristics:

  • All system components meet КТ/DO-160G requirements;
  • Software of all system components meet КТ/DO-178CG requirements;
  • Mean time between failures of the system as a whole - not less than 5,500 flight hours;
  • Weight of the system for the aircraft МC-21-300 not more than 95 kg. taking into account the weight of filled fire extinguishers.


  • Aircraft family МС-21