Fire detectors

Linear thermoresistance fire detectors DPT1 type

They consist of a sensitive element (SE) in the form of a flexible shell made of heat-resistant alloy, in which two thermo-resistant elements of nickel are placed.

All functional algorithms are implemented in conversion and control units.


  • Detection of a fire at an average given temperature in the control zone;
  • Detection of local (discrete) flame at the rate of change in average temperature.

Main technical characteristics:

  • Principle of action is similar to the principle of the action of the thermo-interpreters of resistance and is based on the proportional dependence of the resistance of the SE on the temperature;
  • Length of SE are from 0.85 to 8.0m;
  • External diameter of the SE is no more than 1.2 mm;
  • Specific resistivity 8.7 Ohm/m;
  • Temperature change factor 0.06 Ohm/°C;
  • Weight up to 0.15 kg.


  • МС-21-310 with PD-14 engine