Implementation of innovation project with financial support of Innovation Assistance Fund

Fire fast-acting alarm system for pilotless aircraft, including monitoring of power plant fire condition


Fire fast-acting alarm system is intended for:

  • Detection of fire in fire dangerous compartments of pilotless aircraft, including the power plant;
  • Generation and output of fire alarm signal to automatic fire extinguishing devices of pilotless aircraft.


  • Linear two-channel thermistor fire/overheat detectors located in fire dangerous compartments;
  • Two-channel signal processing unit.

Main technical characteristics:

Linear detectors

  • Length of working part from 0.85 to 8.0m;
  • Specific resistivity 8.7 Ohm/m;
  • Temperature change factor 0.06 Ohm/°C;
  • Weight up to 0.15 kg.

Signal processing unit

  • Two working independent processing channels;
  • Reception and conversion of signals from 8 detectors;
  • Unit weight not more than 4.0kg.

Development status: Finish in 2021 year


  • For pilotless aircraft middle and heavy class;
  • For helicopters and light aircraft.