ABRIS JSC was established in 1994 by the engineers who earlier worked at public corporation TECHPRIBOR, Saint Petersburg. These engineers developed onboard engine monitoring systems (BSCD-90 for IL-96-300 and TU-204-100 aircrafts and also BSCD-65 for IL-114 aircrafts), fuel measuring systems (for various military and civil aircrafts) and also onboard indicators and control panels.

Now ABRIS JSC is a Russian leading developer and producer of modern onboard devices for monitoring and diagnostic aviation engines, Fire Protection Systems and Ice Detectors for aviation application.

ABRIS JSC is being the official representative of the several western companies, actively introduces in the Russian market perspective western technologies in the field of aviation devices.

ABRIS JSC is located in the center of Saint Petersburg on territory of public corporation "Proletarskiy Zavod". ABRIS JSC settles down in its private four-storeyed building with total area of 1400 square meters. ABRIS JSC has also a representative office in Moscow.

ABRIS JSC possesses necessary company structure, qualified staff and all necessary equipment for execution of development, manufacture, tests and qualification of the onboard and ground electronic equipment, and also for development, testing and certification of the software of any degree of complexity according to the Russian specifications and technical standards, Aviation Rules and western standards.

ABRIS JSC possesses all necessary licenses and certificates for realization of the above-stated activity in the field of aviation devices.