Software Development, Verification and Testing for other aviation devices

ABRIS JSC performs a works for development, verification and testing SW for other aviation devices mainly for Western companies in strict accordance with the requirements of RTCA/DO-178C. ABRIS JSC has extensive experience for SW certification of other aviation devices of Western company in EASA and FAA.

ABRIS JSC performs a big works for SW module (unit) testing. Our approach to unit testing is based on the usage of software tools allowing automatic generation of test driver and stubs. The result program can be run on host computer and on simulator (evaluation board).

Test cases are prepared manually on principles of equivalence partitioning and meet the requirements of RTCA/DO-178C. Structural coverage is performed automatically. Review and analyses of low-level software requirements is conducted on the stage of tests cases development. For each module verification results are circumstantially summarised in the special questionary to ensure fulfilment of the objectives listed in table A-7 of RTCA/DO-178C document.

Abris JSC has special tools (IBM Rational Test RealTime and Cantata (IPL) for module testing and automatic coverage analysis.


  • SW module testing of Fuel Measurement Systems developed by SAFRAN S.A. (France) for various western aircraft and helicopters;
  • SW verification and module testing of Ice detection probes developed by MEGGITT S.A. (Switzerland) for various eastern and western aircraft and helicopters;
  • SW verification and module testing of Rotor Trim and Balance Systems developed by MEGGITT S.A. (Switzerland) for various western helicopters;
  • SW development, verification and module testing of Derivative Barometric Altimeter developed by AMETEK AEROSPACE (USA) for various western aircraft.