Land panel

Land panel for MC-21 aircraft (PNP-MC-21)


Maintenance of the aircraft in the parking state including:

  • Control of the opening and closing of the rear shutters of the front and main supports of the chassis;
  • Check the condition of the parking brake light;
  • Form of the signal to connect to the battery to ensure the towing mode of the aircraft.

Main technical characteristics:

  • Design: a monoblock located on the right side in the niche of external power supply;
  • Dimensions, mm: 174 x 55 x 395.5 ;
  • Mass: no more than 0.45 kg;
  • There are on the front of the console:
    • "LIGHT TEST" button - to issue a signal to turn on the light parking;
    • "TOWING" lamp button - to issue a command to connect to the battery;
    • "LG-DOORS-SWITCH" switch - to control the chassis shutters;
    • Three-position switch "LG-DOORS" - to issue commands for the opening and closing of the chassis shutters.


  • MC-21 aircraft family