Smoke detectors

Optical smoke detectors DSD1 type

Smoke detectors DSD1 can be two types:

  • Two-channel smoke detectors DSD1-1;
  • Single-channel smoke detectors DSD1-2.

They consist of an optical module and an electric circuit with a microprocessor, which implements functional algorithms for smoke and overheating detecting.


Monitoring of the environment for the presence of smoke at a given concentration and overheating at a given temperature and issuing warning signals.

It is intended to be installed in the ceiling of the luggage and cargo compartments and toilet modules for direct contact with the surrounding air.

Main technical characteristics:

  • Principle of action: optical using the Tyndall effect;
  • Controlled transparency (smoke) from 97% to 85% with a 1% discretion;
  • Controlled overheating temperature from 55 to 115 ОС with discreteness 1°С;
  • Outputting signals:
    • CAN interface version CAN 2.0;
    • discrete signals "Smoke" and "Overheating";
  • Weight up to 0.6 kg.


  • MC-21-310 with PD-14 engine
  • Bе-200
  • Mi-171А3