Onboard Main Engine Monitoring and Diagnostic Units

Generic engine monitoring unit (GEMU)

Generic unit (GEMU) has been developed and is produced jointly with Swiss company Meggitt SA.

Certified. Serially produced.


Measuring and monitoring of the main parameters of aviation engines, including vibration parameters.

Main technical characteristics:

  • Receiving and measurement up to 30 analog inputs from sensors, which are installed in the engine;
  • Receiving up to 60 discrete signals of different type;
  • Receiving up to 8 ARINC-429 coded channels of low and high speed;
  • Outputting up to 10 discrete signals;
  • Outputting of 2 independent ARINC-429 coded channels;
  • Processing of more than 20 monitoring and diagnostics algorithms;
  • Processing of vibration monitoring algorithms, including tracking and broadband analysis;
  • Possibility for "cold balancing" of rotors in case of 1/REV engine signal.

Now units are applied in the following aircrafts:

  • Tupolev - 334 with engine D436T1(GEMU 122)
  • Tupolev - 204 with engine PS90A(GEMU 122-5)
  • Tupolev - 214 with engine PS90A(GEMU 122-5)
  • Tupolev - 204 with engine PS90A2(GEMU 122-5M)
  • Tupolev - 214 with engine PS90A2(GEMU 122-5M)

It is possible to use units in the following aircrafts:

  • Ilushin - 96 with engine PS90A (GEMU 122-X)
  • Ilushin - 96 with engine PS90A2 (GEMU 122-X)
  • Ilushin - 76 with engine PS90A (GEMU 122-X)
  • Ilushin - 76 with engine PS90A2 (GEMU 122-X)
  • Beriev - 200 with engine D436TP(GEMU 122-X)