Generic Engine Monitoring System

Generic Engine Monitoring System for gas turbine powered aircraft developed and production by MEGGITT S.A.. Abris JSC is subcontractor for Software of Engine Monitoring part and for support of GEMS evaluation on the engine test bench and on the aircraft.


Generic Engine Monitoring System (GEMS) is a single channel, digital, generic system that integrates in one system functions of the Engine Interface and Monitoring and Engine Vibration Monitoring.

Main technical characteristics:

  • comprises a Generic Engine Monitoring Unit (GEMU), two engine vibration transducers and engine and aircraft vibration cable assemblies;
  • GEMU provides for an on-board measurement and processing systems that monitors and provides diagnostics of engine and its components. GEMU is designed in standard ARINC-600 case (4 MCU);
  • GEMU is designed to be installed in an electronic bay of the aircraft;
  • GEMU was designed in the "generic" way to provide monitoring of four different combinations of aircraft/engine (Tu-324 and Tu-334 with D-436T1, AI-22, BR710 and CF-34);
  • For Tu324/334 the GEMU provides interfaces with 19 analog inputs, 63 discrete inputs, 7 ARINC-429 inputs buses and with 8 discrete outputs, 2 ARINC-429 outputs buses.

Software function:

  • Monitoring of oil and air-oil systems;
  • Monitoring of the Fuel System;
  • Definition of the engine operation mode;
  • Monitoring of the Surge System;
  • Monitoring of the engine rotors run-down time;
  • Monitoirng of the compressor mechanization;
  • Calculation of the engine usage time;
  • Monitoirng of the engine starting system;
  • Monitoring of engine basic parameters;
  • Monitoring of engine vibration;
  • Monitoring of engine intake de-icing system;
  • Monitoring of thrust reversor;
  • Maintenance function including recording of events and fault history.

First application:

  • Tupolev-334 with D-436T1 engine