Simulators and analyzers of sensors of onboard systems for ground-based test bench


  • Simulation of the sensors signals that measure the state of the physical environment (temperature, pressure, quantity and flow of liquid, smoke concentration and other parameters) for various ground-based test bench for testing of onboard systems in the process of developing and debugging interaction.
  • Monitoring of the installation and wiring of sensors in remote locations for ground-based test bench during the production elements of the aircraft.

Main function:

  • Simulation of output electrical signals, coming at the input of onboard systems to measure them and issue in order to verify the interaction of onboard systems on various ground-based test benches.
  • Simulation of output electrical signals of sensors carried out by the control signals from the main testbed computer that define the state of the sensors in accordance with the modeling required situation on ground-based test bench in regular modes and for different types of faults.
  • Assessment of the status and quality installation of the sensors in the elements of the aircraft from the measured output electrical parameters of sensors using special analysis algorithms.


  • Simulator of fire/overheat and smoke detectors (SI-FPS MS-21) Fire Protection System MS-21 aircraft for ground-based test bench of avionic in JSC "IRKUT Corporation".
  • Simulator of engine PD-14 sensors (SI-PD14) Engine Monitoring System PD-14 for ground-based test bench of avionic in JSC "IRKUT Corporation".
  • Software of Data Analyzer from the system's sensors measure the amount of fuel (WDR Test bench SW), installed in the wing to the ground-based test bench for monitoring of assembly of aircraft wing MS-21 in JSC "Aviastar-SP".